How To Maintain The Cylinder Printer?

- Jan 20, 2021-

  Good maintenance can increase the service life of the cylindrical UV printer.In fact,the maintenance of the UV printer is often a matter of small details.If you pay attention to the details,the maintenance work is done.This article Dacen editor will talk about the cylinder.How to maintain the printer?

  One.How to maintain the cylindrical printer?

  1.Turn on the flash spray state

  Daily standby,it is recommended that the cylindrical UV printer remain powered on,the computer is not turned off,and the control software turns on the"flash spray"state;only turn off the UV light.

cylinder UV printer

  2.The cylinder UV printer is powered off

  Press the"Power Off Switch"to power off the machine,turn off the main power switch,and then dial the power plug of the machine.

  3.Close the cylinder UV printer ink valve

  When the cylindrical UV printer needs to be powered off,the ink valve needs to be rotated 45 degrees to close the ink valve.

  4.Moisturizing finish

  Cylinder UV printer nozzle should not be too tight on the lint-free cloth,soak it in the moisturizing liquid,and the moisturizing is complete.

  5.Close the software

  Before the cylindrical UV printer is powered off,first normally close the control software to save the software data,and then turn off the power.

  Two.Summary of the cylindrical UV printer manufacturer Dacen

  The above is the whole content of"How to maintain the cylinder printer?",I hope to help you.Generally,when the cylindrical printer leaves the factory,there will be an operation manual,and the master will also explain the precautions.If you don't understand later,you can communicate with Dacen customer service at any time.

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