DG-1016 Uv Flatbed Printer

DG-1016 Uv Flatbed Printer

1.6m x 1m 1610 uv flatbed printer with TOSHIBA CE4M printhead, High Quality UV LED Printer,UV LED Printer ,Ceramic Glass Wood Digital Flora Uv Flatbed Printer

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DG-1016 Uv Flatbed Printer With TOSHIBA CE4M Printhead Cheap Price





1.Toshiba CE4M Print head:

1. High density nozzles

2. 636 dots, frequency 28KHZ

3. 8 levels grey scale

4. 5pl drops

5. High resolution

6. Service life more 2years

2.Japan import ink:

Japanese original import

Certified ink by Toshiba

Certified by ROSH, SGSR

Environmentally friendly

3.Color Software:

The best&latest color management software ONYX19 in the world

4.High precision:

The flatness error of our machine platform is countrolled within 0.2mm

Local after-sale service:

A number of after-sales service locations around the world

(more global partners)


 UV flatbed printers are widely used in a variety of industries. UV printer Direct printing on the Glass, Wood, Stone, Metal, Plastic, Leather, Ceramic, Acrylic etc, direct to Carpet, Glass, Plastic etc printing, professional RIP software and stirring apparatus.provided. Large size Printing.




1. Ink consumption?
USD1.65/sqm~USD2/sqm. (color ink)
2. What is the purpost for Cleaning liquid?
Used for routine maintenance, cleaning waste ink on the printer.
3. How to use the pre-treatment solution?
Only need use a clean cloth wipe the precoat on the material surface.
4. Which kind material need use the pre-treatment solution before we do the printing?
e.g.:Metal, glass, rubber, Aluminum board.
5. Which kind material can print with your UV printer?
Our UV Printer can be printed all color,It's direct printing any material,such as pens,golf balls,phone cases, plastic,acrylic,ceramic,metal,slate,wood,glass and leather,even small things like label, USB, key chains etc.
6. How many ink bottle in the ink case?
Six, four for CMYK, and two for white,one for vanish.
7. How many inks for one set?
CMYK LC LM W V, 5 liters

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