How To Deal With UV Ink When Operating A UV Flatbed Printer?

- Jan 20, 2021-

  When the UV printer is in operation,it will spray UV ink to some extent.Generally speaking,UV ink is better to clean than the price.Clean it as soon as possible.

  One.How to deal with UV ink when operating a UV flatbed printer?

  1.UV flatbed printer uv ink is non-toxic after curing.It is relatively environmentally friendly,but it cannot be said to be harmless.For printing operators,it is necessary to pay attention to preventive measures,because uv ink contains chemical components It can be released through natural volatilization and printing process.It will be irritating and corrosive to the skin.If it comes in contact,it needs to be washed with water.Some odors from the uv ink will irritate the eyes and nasal cavity;do UV When printing,if it is in contact for a long time,it is recommended to wear protective measures,such as masks,eyes,etc.,when printing with UV,because in addition to paying attention to the incompatibility caused by uv ink,you must also pay attention to the incompatibility caused by the LED purple light.

  2.Protective cream and cleaning fluid are also very effective,but should only be used in combination with gloves.If the skin comes into contact with UV ink,wash the contact area with soap and water instead of solvent.These regulations are nothing else but just to achieve good production hygiene.

  Two,UV printer manufacturer Dacen summary

  Since the main problem with UV curing materials is skin contact(not ingestion or inhalation),corresponding operating procedures should be formulated to minimize or eliminate skin contact.This article is about"How to deal with UV ink when operating a UV flatbed printer?"I hope to help you.

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