How To Increase The Service Life Of The Cylindrical Printer Nozzle?

- Jan 25, 2021-

  How to increase the service life of the cylindrical printer? Increasing the service life of the cylindrical UV printer nozzle is equivalent to increasing the service life of the cylindrical UV printer. The uv printer nozzle is composed of a lot of small nozzles arranged, the size of the nozzle hole is similar to the particle dust, if some small debris or dust enters the nozzle, it will be blocked, and the nozzle panel will be easily stained by ink. , Resulting in ink jetting. Therefore, the maintenance and maintenance of the nozzle is necessary and must be done.

   One. How to increase the service life of the cylindrical printer nozzle?

   1. Do not leave the nozzle alone for a long time

  The nozzles removed from the cylinder UV printer cannot be placed alone, not to mention under high and low temperature conditions. If the removed nozzle is left for a long time, as the water contained in the residual ink in the nozzle gradually evaporates, the dried ink will block the nozzle. If the nozzle is found to be blocked, the nozzle should be cleaned immediately. If the nozzle is still unusable after cleaning, you need to consider whether the nozzle is broken. If it is broken, replace the nozzle with a new one.

   2. Don't touch or touch the nozzle of the cylindrical UV printer

  Do not use tools and fingers to touch the surface of the cylindrical UV printer nozzle to prevent damage to the nozzle surface or block the nozzle with oil or debris. Do not blow air toward the nozzle, let alone get oil, sweat, or alcohol on the nozzle, as this will cause changes in the composition and viscosity of the ink and cause the ink to condense and block. Do not use facial tissue, lens paper, cloth, etc. to wipe the nozzle surface.

   3. Don't turn off the power suddenly

   Do not turn off the power suddenly while the cylinder printer is working. If some models of cylindrical UV printers are suddenly turned off, the cylindrical UV printers will not be able to perform capping operations on the nozzles, causing the nozzles to be exposed to the air, the ink dries up, and the nozzles are blocked. The correct way is to turn the cylindrical printer to the OFF LINE state, and after the nozzle is capped, turn off the power and pull out the plug.

   Two. Summary of the cylindrical UV printer manufacturer Dacen

  Dacen cylinder printer uses Ricoh G5i industrial print head, and the service life is generally more than two years. If you need it, please inquire Dacen.

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