Matters Needing Attention When Purchasing A Cylindrical Printer

- Jan 25, 2021-

   A thermos cup or wine bottle or cosmetic bottle factory may need a cylindrical printer. This article will talk about the precautions for purchasing a cylindrical printer.

   One. Matters needing attention when purchasing a cylindrical printer

   1. Cylindrical printers are the same as cars. They are not bought for display at home, but used every day. Mechanical things are not bought well, and if there are problems with two heads in three days, the later stage will be troublesome. In fact, choosing a machine is difficult and difficult, simple and simple. From my experience, just pay attention to a few. One is the qualified manufacturer, the time is long, the production of more machines, the production of more machines, the machine There is no problem in running-in and improvement. Naturally, such a machine has come to be stable. Second, it depends on the market share. The machine is good, the quality is good, and stable. Everyone buys it. Then his market share is high. Look at these two. Just click, and you can buy a qualified cylindrical printer with peace of mind, and you can rest assured to earn money in the future.

cylinder UV printer

   2. Operation aspect

  A good cylinder printer has an automatic height measurement function, which changes the history of using the naked eye to judge the height measurement. It saves time and effort and the computer judgment is more accurate than the human brain. The nozzle anti-collision function, the nozzle anti-collision is to automatically stop working when the printer nozzle is about to touch the printing material to prevent the nozzle from colliding with the material.

  3. Cylinder UV printer printing effect

   Compare the original image to see if the printed effect is consistent with the original image, pay attention to whether the pattern color is deviated, the texture is unclear, and whether the lines in the original image can be displayed well in the sample. It is worth noting that when comparing the original image with the sample, pay attention to whether the color of the computer screen itself is normal.

   Two. Summary of the cylindrical UV printer manufacturer Dacen

   There are not many manufacturers of cylindrical printers, especially those with high cost performance. It is recommended to go to the cylindrical manufacturers to check on the spot to see the proofing effect and receipt, How about the strength of cylinder printer manufacturers.

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