How Does A Bottle UV Printer Save Ink?

- Feb 12, 2021-

  The price of bottle UV printer ink is not cheap anymore.Generally,the price of ink is 3-7 yuan per square screen.This article will talk about how to save ink.

  One.How does the bottle UV printer save ink?

  1.Try to focus on printing products

  When using a bottle UV printer,do not print once every few minutes.If you need to print a lot of things,it is recommended to gather the things that need to be printed together for printing,because every time the machine is started,the print head and the printer must be cleaned.Initialization is to charge ink to the ink delivery system.This process wastes more ink,so try not to start the machine frequently.

cylinder UV printer

  2.Do not replace the ink cartridge immediately

  We know that the bottle UV printer detects the ink volume in the ink cartridge through the sensor sensor.As long as the sensor detects that the ink volume is less than the value set in the printer,it will prompt to replace the ink cartridge.At this time,the ink cartridge can be removed to reset the internal sensor of the printer to confirm the installation New ink cartridges,such long-term operation,can save a lot of ink.

  3.Clean the print head correctly

  Most bottle UV printers will automatically clean the print head when it is turned on,and there are buttons to clean the printer.If the automatic cleaning function of the equipment is invalid,the print head can be manually cleaned.Manual cleaning should follow the steps in the operation manual to disassemble the print head,For manual cleaning of the print head,you can put a thin rubber tube on the front of the syringe and rinse it in clean water that has been repeatedly filtered.When washing,use a magnifying glass to carefully observe the spray hole.There is siltation residue next to the spray hole.Soft For cleaning of plastic products,the integrated print head that has been left unused for a long time blocks the nozzles due to the dry ink,and can be cleaned after soaking in hot water.

  Two.Summary of bottle printer manufacturer Dacen

  This article is about"How can a bottle UV printer save ink?"I hope to help you.

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