What Should I Do If The UV Light Of The Bottle Printer Does Not Turn On?

- Feb 01, 2021-

  Bottle UV printers and UV flatbed printers have similar principles,except that they use spiral printing.The printing principle is that when UV ink is sprayed,use UV lamps to cure.This article will talk about UV lamps used to directly cure the printing effect.

  One.What should I do if the UV light of the bottle printer is not on?

  1.Circuit problem

  A.The LED lamp itself has a circuit problem.High-power LED lights require higher current.If there are defects in the design,the LED lights will burn out during use,resulting in scrap.

  B,LED lights and external circuit problems.Part of the circuit system of the LED lamp is mixed with the board circuit of the bottle UV printer head,causing local voltage and current to rise,causing a short circuit and burning the circuit.

bottles printer

  Two.Bottle UV printer LED lamp problem

  A.The quality itself is not good enough,and the service life is not reached,so it will be scrapped ahead of time.

  B.Human operation error,LED light protection device is not added,resulting in collision damage.

  C.There is a problem with the protection device,and the cooling system does not work normally,which causes the bottle UV printer LED lamp to have too high heat and cause burnout.

  Three,the bottle UV printer manufacturer Dacen summary

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