Does The Bottle Printer Smell?

- Feb 02, 2021-

   Does the cylindrical printer smell? Generally, the bottle printer will have some smell when printing. This is normal, but if there is a different peculiar smell, it is abnormal.

   One. What should I do if the cylinder printer smells?

   1. It is necessary to consider whether it is the cause of ink. The bottle printer uses UV ink, and the ink itself contains some odor, and the worse the quality of the ink, the stronger the odor. The ink will also produce some odor after curing, and it may also chemically react with the printing material itself to produce peculiar smell.

   2. a chemical reaction occurs in the printing material of the cylindrical printer. Under the influence of the environment, some materials may undergo chemical reactions, cracking out related chemicals, and producing pungent odors.

   3. Ultraviolet rays react with air. The ultraviolet light emitted by the UV lamp on the bottle printer irradiates the air, causing a slight ozone in the air. This smell is relatively light, and the amount is small, and it is generally not smelled.

  4. An auxiliary agent is added to the ink. According to product requirements, some users may add some additives and other auxiliary materials to the ink to achieve certain specific effects when printing on the bottle printer. The additives may produce pungent odors.

   Two. Summary of bottle printer manufacturer Dacen

   When operating the cylindrical printer, although the UV ink of the cylindrical printer is environmentally friendly, it still smells somewhat, so wear a mask when operating.

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