How About The Mobile Phone Case UV Flatbed Printer Market?

- Jan 29, 2021-

  How about the mobile phone case UV flatbed printer market?The mobile phone shell printer can print any personalized color pattern on the surface of the mobile phone shell of any material.At present,the personalized mobile phone shell printers on the market are mainly UV flatbed printers that use UV ink.Most of them use Ricoh and Konica nozzles to print.Not only does the pattern itself have rich and beautiful colors,clear and natural lines,and a broad color gamut,it also has a relief process that cannot be achieved by traditional printing equipment.Because after purchasing a UV printer,the printing cost of a mobile phone case is basically 2-3 cents,while the price of a mobile phone case is generally 10-30 yuan.Relatively speaking,the profit is quite considerable,it depends on the sales.Not stable.If the sales are stable,it is recommended to start with UV flatbed printer for mobile phone case printing.

  One,How about the mobile phone case UV flatbed printer market?

  1.Currently,the price of mobile phone shell printers on the market is high or low,and we can't just look at the price when we buy.According to your own production needs,printer model and performance,printing speed and other factors,choose the best,choose the mobile phone case printer that suits you,and then choose from many devices that suit you.The price is relatively low and the manufacturer is honest Be credible to buy.

  2.If the mobile phone shell printer wants to be able to print 3D relief effects,it needs to be equipped with a white ink nozzle in addition to the color nozzle.Before printing the color pattern,print the white ink first,because the white ink can not only improve the color ink Adhesion,and the accumulation of white ink can also cause the surface of the phone case to be uneven,and then print the color ink to achieve a three-dimensional 3D relief effect.

  3.Dacen's UV printer can print more than 200 mobile phone cases per hour at a high printing speed,and it also realizes that it can be printed and dried.After printing,the finished product can be shipped.The mobile phone shell printer not only guarantees the product quality and low rejection rate under the premise of ensuring high output,but also greatly reduces product production waste,reduces production costs,and expands profit margins.

  Two,the mobile phone shell printer manufacturer Dacen summary

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