Advantages Of Dacen UV Flatbed Printer

- Jan 28, 2021-

  The advantages of Dacen UV flatbed printers,why do so many people choose Dacen UV printers?

  One,Dacen UV flatbed printer advantages

  1.With more than ten years of industry experience,mature technology and stable functions,Dacen is an earlier UV printer manufacturer in China.

  2.Through technical means,the light inside can be well concentrated.In this way,when inkjet is performed,its curing efficiency may be higher,even if the ink layer is thicker,the product can be very good.The fixation will prevent smudging.Of course,such an advanced technology can also make the ink on the product dry quickly,without mixing dust in the air.In this way,deep thinking may have a bad influence on the overall printing effect.

  3.UV printers have a wider range of printing materials,truly achieving multiple uses in one machine.

  4.Perfect matching and accessories make production easier and more suitable for mass production.

  5.One-button cleaning design,simple and quick maintenance.

  6.Imported UV ink is used,without blocking,the production is more stable,the color is rich and clear,and it can meet the market demand of high quality and high quality.

  7.The UV flatbed printer supports direct printing of white ink on dark materials,and has cost accounting,ink adjustment according to the original color of the material,automatic color registration and other functions,which effectively reduce loss and save production costs.

  Two.UV printer manufacturer Dacen summary

  Can save cost and manpower.The above is the whole content of"Dacen UV Flatbed Printer Advantages",I hope to help you.

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