The Role Of Varnish When Printing

- Jul 22, 2017-

Customers who use flatbed printer know that, in addition to embossing effect, there is a process that is the varnish, varnish is to do the process on the surface of the materials that has been printed, its role is to make the material surface more smooth and beautiful, in the meanwhile also can protect the pattern on the material, so that it can be preserved longer. Varnish can not only increase the beauty of pattern, but also increase the pattern of dirt and wear resistance. According to the needs of customers can customize the types of the varnish, there are four: 1: the whole Varnish, 2: partial varnish, 3: extinction Varnish, 4: Art Varnish and other different types of processes.


1. The whole Varnish: the main function is to strengthen the beauty of the product , the most common application is on the tile, to improve the gloss of printing products at in the meanwhile play a protective role. The main purpose is to protect the product the color persistence and wear resistance after printing, on the other hand can also improve the overall brightness of the product.

2. Partial varnish: use varnish on the graphic part that need to emphasize , there is a contrast between the varnished parts and no varnished place which form a wonderful artistic effect.


3. Extinction Varnish: use mat varnish, and is different from ordinary varnish, this varnish will reduce the gloss of printed products, and can produce classical artistic effect, and this will not reflect the light, can better protect the eyes of the viewer.

4. Art Varnish: use special varnish on the product surface to print, can better highlight the art of printed products, so that the printed product appears magnificent, more realistic and elegant


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