DG6090 Printer Machine In Tailand Exhibition

- Apr 17, 2018-

With the development of information technology and industrial revolution, more and more obvious requirements have allowed printers to expand their functions and migrate to other fields.The current status quo of printers has opened up a new world for the era in which we live. With this trend, future printers will likely undergo more major changes.

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At this Thailand show, we showed new research printer -- DG6090 Printer.Its main features are high printing accuracy and light machine weight, convenient operation and transportation.

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We explained the advantages of the printer to the customers in Thailand. Customers also recognized it.As following:

1.DG-6090, print size 600mm by 900mm, print height from 0 to 100mm, use lead screw guide transmission in Y axis with high precise location.   adopted only carriage moving in X/Y/Z directions that saves more room.

2.Electronic control system is designed more convenient for checking problems. The ink bottle is totally sealed, only need change the ink bottle every time, in case touch with the air, make sure longer ink life after open.

3.Though the machine power off, it can press ink automatically once every 3 hours to protect nozzles. The secondary ink cartridges pre-heating system enhance the fluency further.

4.DG – 6090 is equipped with Japan Toshiba print head, print head life from 3 to 5 years. One head is installed with two color, white and color output at the same time, greatly improving the print speed, print speedcan achieve 4.2 square meters per hour.

5.Packaging plate making is practicable thanks to its high print accuracy that even print clearly 2pt words as competitive as screen print. 7 colors configuration makes transition color natural, human skin fin and smooth, more charming and attractive, rises printed products value.

6.DG - 6090 can directly spray varnish effect on material, uv curing and varnish spray can be finished at a time, control the curing time to be minimum in case of dust adhesion and bubbles, get more pure print effect

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