Guangzhou DPES Exhibition In March

- Apr 18, 2018-

March of 2018 is destined to be an unusual month. Accumulation of accumulated years of accumulation and thick and thin hair will always be the only way for a brand. DACEN has come a few years, and everything will come to fruition.The large-scale Guangzhou exhibition has attracted the attention of various countries, and most customers have a strong interest in printers.Dacen company on this exhibition, the main highlight the DG1800 printer's performance.And showed DG1800 automatic loading and unloading of the assembly line.

The market can tell you how to choose a good product. It can also be seen how the value of all products is reflected, and as a manufacturer, how to create value for the customer, how to maximize the value required by the customer, the market response can make you better choose the best decision What Sharpinos did is to cater to the changes in the market, deliver the most quality and guaranteed products to customers, and make customers become real beneficiaries.

Therefore, positioning high-end UV printing, as defined by the brand, "The hope that light can shine to the place you want to see," DACEN, on the site of the Guangzhou Dipeisi International Advertising Exhibition at the first show of the 2018 Yangchun March.

Guangzhou DPES exhibition 1.jpg Guangzhou DPES exhibition 3.jpg

Compared with DG1800 printer, DG2513 can print large size products, and the print size is L 1.3m* W 2.5m. Meeting the needs of printing different products.Toshiba nozzles are used to increase the service life of the machine. On generally,it can use three to five years.Toshiba print head adopt constant temperature system, keep a constant temperature. Temperature error not exceeds 2 degrees, ensure stable color output and ink flow property.

Guangzhou DPES exhibition.jpg Guangzhou DPES exhibition 2.jpg

Our pace has not been discouraged because of the small blowouts in the market, because the ultimate direction of the market is to provide all customers with the most exquisite services and complete solutions. In this process, the quality of products and service system are better. More fully reflects the strength of a brand.

Dacen has always been the representative brand of industrial-grade high-end models in the UV inkjet printing industry. The high-end is also reflected in the quality of the equipment and the service quality of the equipment. It also has a rare service system and high-demand manufacturing standards.

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