New Promotion For DG-2513 Flatbed Printer

- Feb 27, 2018-

1.Emergency stop switch and anti-collision switch function from the control of X, Y axis drive power into the emergency stop switch control equipment total power, anti-collision switch control board drive signal.

Purpose: To solve pressing the emergency stop switch or print media hit the anti-collision switch, the ink car hit the nozzle because of coasting glide. (You must restart the device and print software when you press the emergency stop switch or accidentally touch the anti-collision switch.) 

2.The height of the head carriage increases   as below

Purpose: To meet the printing height needs of customers, the printing height from the previous 80mm added to 100mm (the config file to find ZMotorTotalLength = 80 into 100 inside   the Print software folder)

uv flatbed printer.png

3.Dual Y-axis drive optimization. Increase the single double origin switching relay

Purpose: To solve the double y-axis is not synchronized, resulting in sheet metal, screw bending deformation.

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