How Does A Cylinder Printer Save Ink?

- Jan 28, 2021-

  Ink and nozzles are both consumables,which will be used for a long time.This article will talk about how the cylinder printer saves ink?

  One.How does a cylindrical printer save ink

  1.Use high-quality black ink for filling as much as possible;

  2.Choose printing ink and black ink for filling as much as possible;

  3.After filling the cylinder printer cartridge with black ink,let the printer cartridge sit for more than ten minutes,so that the black ink can gradually penetrate into every corner of the cotton pad to ensure the print quality;

  4.Prevent the cylindrical UV printer cartridge from being exposed to the air for a long time to cause dryness and blockage.Although there is a way to clean it,it should be filled immediately after the cylindrical printer cartridge is about to be filled with ink,and immediately after filling.Cylinder printer.If the printer is not used temporarily,you can also put the nozzle in a special nozzle storage box,in which a specially made rubber plate can isolate the gas and maintain the long-term wetness of the nozzle;

  5.Ensure that the filled printer cartridges of the cylindrical printer are intact;

  6.When filling the cylinder UV printer cartridge with black ink,it should be appropriate;

  7.Before refilling the black ink,the original cylindrical printer cartridge should be cleaned and tidy,otherwise,two different black inks will interact with each other and cause chemical changes,leading to common failures such as blockage.It cannot be cleaned with the program flow of cleaning the printer cartridges built into the cylindrical printer.This kind of actual operation is not only time-consuming,but also clean enough.The proper operation steps are:before refilling,use an injection needle to introduce pure cold water into the printer cartridges,as far as possible without letting the water overflow,and then firmly hold all the printer cartridges,and make the ink refill hole upward,and shake it slowly.Down,so that the remaining black ink is sufficiently melted in the added cold water.

  Two.Summary of the cylindrical UV printer manufacturer Dacen

  The more ink used in general,the higher the usage rate,but the attention to the above details can save the amount of ink as much as possible.

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