Which Shenzhen UV printer is better?

- Aug 12, 2020-

       Which Shenzhen UV printer is better?

Which Shenzhen UV printer is better? In fact, the purchase is also very simple. It mainly depends on the strength of the UV printer manufacturer, whether it can meet our customized needs, what are the core components, what is the price of the UV printer, what is the price of the UV printer ink, what is the after-sales service, basically from this Starting from several aspects, you can choose a good UV flatbed printer.

  1. The strength of UV printer manufacturers

    Looking at the strength of the manufacturers, you can start from the following aspects: the time of UV flatbed printer manufacturers in this industry, how many R & D personnel, how much floor space, how many application cases, of course, if possible, go to the field to inspect and see at a glance. Dacheng Guangchi is committed to the R&D, production and sales of digital printing equipment such as UV flatbed printers. The quality is trustworthy. On the basis of fully introducing and absorbing foreign advanced technology, it has successfully developed universal printers, UV flatbed printers, textile printing machines, uv Rolling and leveling machine, uv roll material printer and other series of products have been widely used in decoration, glass, advertising, signage, wine box, film, leather, luggage, paper, clothing and other fields, providing customers with digital printing integration solutions Program.

  2. Whether it can meet our customization needs

Determine our needs and choose the appropriate UV flatbed printer model according to the industry we apply to. Dacheng Guangchi has a rich product line, which can provide uv flatbed printers, UV roll printers, UV flatbed all-in-one machines, and high-temperature colored glazed glass. A series of products such as machine, to meet the needs of high-strength and high-precision customers.

  3. The core components of UV flatbed machine

  After the purchase of the machine, the high stability and low maintenance rate will greatly reduce our operating costs. The key equipment of the uv printer is the nozzle. The common nozzles on the market are Epson nozzles, Seiko nozzles, Konica nozzles and Ricoh nozzles. These brands have their own advantages and disadvantages. We should choose the suitable sprinkler according to the application industry. For details, please consult the market staff of Dacheng Guangchi.

  4. How about the price of UV printer

  This is a question of comparison when customers buy UV flatbed printers. Everyone likes to buy products with good quality and low price. The price of general UV printers is tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands, generally less than 100,000. Second-hand, Dacheng Guangchi is a UV printer manufacturer with good prices and low prices.

  5. UV flatbed printer manufacturer pre-sales and after-sales service

    This is also an important indicator that reflects the comprehensive strength of a manufacturer. The after-sales service of large machines is very important, and the loss caused by the shutdown of the machine will be very large. Therefore, the ability to deal with problems in a timely and effective manner is critical. Dacheng Guangchi has a large number of professional services. The team and each department have a clear division of labor to provide good services.

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