Common problems and solutions for UV flatbed printers

- Aug 11, 2020-

Common problems and solutions for UV flatbed printers

   1. Ink leakage from printhead

   The first reason to consider is the negative pressure problem, which can be solved by appropriately increasing the negative pressure value. Secondly, wipe the surface of the nozzle with a cleaning fluid, there may be large dust on the surface of the nozzle, and again, check whether the ink tube connecting the nozzle is leaking.

   2. Color is missing or garbled

       Reconnect the print head cable, optical fiber cable, or switch network cable.

       The reason is data transmission error or loss.

   3. Gradually change color during printing

   Needle loss caused by clogging of the print head, resulting in incomplete printing of a certain color. Adjust the negative pressure and voltage appropriately.

   2. UV flatbed printer manufacturers [Dacen UV printer] Summary


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