What are the advantages and disadvantages of second-hand UV flatbed printers and new ones?

- Aug 19, 2020-

What are the advantages and disadvantages of second-hand UV flatbed printers and new ones?

 The price of the new UV flatbed printer is more expensive, while the second-hand one is much cheaper, so it is understandable to buy second-hand equipment. This choice is the best choice for economic friends, but there are advantages and disadvantages.


 1. Let us take a look at the development of China's UV flatbed printers. UV flatbed printers are divided into two categories in China, namely improved machines and industrial machinery, which are basically improved machines from 2004 to 2013. Only in 2014 is the real industrial equipment, that is to say, the maturity time of my country's UV flatbed printers is very short, and it has not reached the point of being very stable, mature and perfect. It is not as mature as digital mobile phones, and the equipment of different manufacturers is not the same. Even some small manufacturers have various problems with the equipment itself.

2. The universal UV flatbed printer is a machine produced by the manufacturer, which is inseparable from the manufacturer's after-sales service. However, it is inevitable that all machines will have problems, and the key is how to solve the problems after they occur. If you buy second-hand equipment, the after-sales service may not provide protection. There are even some manufacturers' after-sales service only to buy needles for customers. For customers who transfer second-hand equipment, customers do not spend technology after sales, which makes customers very passive.


3. Second-hand uv printer is usually transferred at a discount of 5% to 20%, and the level of discount can also reflect the degree of risk of the machine. Coupled with the replacement and update of some spare parts, the price of the new machine is actually about the same. If there is a problem in production, if you buy it back, you have lost a customer, and the money cannot be exchanged back. The cost is quite expensive.


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