UV flatbed printer chooses Konica or Epson nozzles?

- Feb 16, 2021-

   UV flatbed printer chooses Konica or Epson print head? A UV printer, UV printer nozzles play an important role in the price.

   One. Which UV flatbed printer chooses Konica or Epson nozzles?

   1. From the perspective of print resolution

   In terms of print resolution, Konica is inferior to Epson printheads. Epson print head supports 720x1800dpi, 720x2160dpi, 720x2880dpi, and the printing accuracy is higher than that of Konica print head. Therefore, Epson nozzles are generally used for advertising and other jobs with small format and high printing accuracy requirements, while Konica is generally used for jobs with large printing format, large volume and general printing accuracy requirements. It can also be divided into Konica nozzles mainly used for outdoor printing, and Epson nozzles for indoor printing.

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   2. Service life

   In terms of long service life, Konica nozzles are better than Epson nozzles. Epson nozzles are not industrial type nozzles. If you want to engage in a large number of industrial production for a long time, Epson is not as good as Konica nozzles, and Konica nozzles are very stable and not prone to failure. One can last about 2-3 years, while Epson is About 1 year.

   3. Looking at the cost

   Compare the Konica nozzle and Epson nozzle from the unit price of the nozzle. Currently on the market, the unit price of a single Konica 1024 print head is about 12,000. Due to the different models, the price is very different, about 20,000 expensive; while the unit price of the Epson 5th generation print head is about 6000-7000. But a Konica nozzle only supports one color, if you want to print color, you need at least 4 nozzles; while the Epson 5th generation nozzle has 8 rows of nozzle holes, one nozzle can support 8 colors, so only one is needed. Meet color printing. In terms of cost, Konica’s input cost is much higher than Epson nozzles.

   4. Ink usage

  From the perspective of the range of inks used, Epson is not as extensive as Konica. Epson print heads currently use water-based and solvent-based inks, while Konica supports various inks such as water-based, solvent, and UV.

   Two. UV printer manufacturer Dacen summary

   The above is the whole content of "UV flatbed printer chooses Konica or Epson nozzles??" For flatbed printers, different applications require different nozzles. Therefore, suitable is good, generally if not If you know which nozzle to choose, you can directly contact Dacen's salesperson, and they will recommend the suitable UV printer nozzle according to your requirements.

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