How much is a UV flatbed printer 6090 ?

- Feb 04, 2021-

  The printing width of 6090 is 600*900MM.This small uv printer can not only print flat material products,but also print cylindrical products.It can be said to be a multi-purpose machine.Although the machine is small,it has powerful functions.How much is a 6090UV flatbed printer?The configuration is different,the price is different,the general price is between 1-15,000 US dollars,and the more expensive one can print with a larger radian.

  One.6090UV flatbed printer introduction

  1.Small uv printer configuration is very flexible,common configurations are Epson i3200,Toshiba nozzle,Ricoh nozzle and Epson nozzle.uv6090 small uv printer.Because the configuration is flexible,the choice is also very flexible.And the price is not high.

UV printer

  2.This small uv printer 6090.Very suitable for personal entrepreneurial use,internal office use of the company,and small batch production use.

  Two.UV printer manufacturer Dacen summary

  The above is the whole content of"6090UV flatbed printer?"I hope to help you,Dacen has developed many models,such as A3,6090,9060,2513,2030,2050,1800 Models,1810 models,2500 models,etc.,these models have their own merits,and each has its own advantages.At present,the 6090 model is currently a relatively small model and a popular one in the market,with a relatively high cost performance!The price is relatively favorable,suitable for college students to start a business,including customers who do retail e-commerce platforms such as Taobao,Amazon,etc.,suitable for private ordering,and the speed is not fast!If you have any needs,please inquire Dacen.

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