The advantages of UV flatbed printers using Ricoh G6 nozzles

- Feb 03, 2021-

  UV flatbed printers use the advantages of Ricoh G6 nozzles.Ricoh G6 nozzles are new in the past two years.This article will talk about the advantages of Ricoh G6 nozzles.

  1.The nozzle is safer

  The UV printer Ricoh G6 print head is fixed with a recessed design to protect the surface of the print head.At the same time,the head carriage is equipped with a high-sensitivity collision sensor,which is like an"airbag"for the precise print head to ensure that the print head will not suffer accidents during the printing process.Damaged by impact.

UV printer

  2.Adopting a new technology of high-tech nozzle,UV flatbed printer accuracy and speed are both available.

  3.5PL ink dots,the printing screen is more delicate.50kHz is more prominent while ensuring accuracy.

  4.Higher reliability and stronger compatibility.

  5.Onyx 19 introduces Spark Engine to achieve more advanced compression algorithms,which increases the speed of RIP by 400%,and introduces DeviceLink to simplify the workflow,good color consistency,and greater color accuracy and saturation.onyx19 also uses iccMAX v5 to configure a brand new network solution and is more compatible with icc.

  6.Reject noise

  The right side of the UV printer head is equipped with a high-power static eliminator,which can effectively eliminate the static electricity carried by the material.The left side of the head is equipped with a silent dust collector,which can effectively absorb the floating ink dots that do not fall on the material to ensure the printing effect

  UV printer manufacturer Dacen summary

  The above is the entire content of"The advantages of UV flatbed printers using Ricoh G6 nozzles".Dacen has Ricoh G5 printers,Ricoh G6 printers,and Toshiba Konica nozzle printers.Welcome to inquire Dacen.

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