The infliuence of the invironment during the printing process

- Nov 21, 2017-

How to make the UV flatbed printer print with the best printing effect, which is that all customers want to know, need to pay attention to the using temperature  and operating environment, especially: you need to have a clear understanding of UV flatbed printer
If the temperature of UV flatbed printer is too high or too low, will make the ink viscosity decreased or increased, thus changing the state of the original ink, resulting in disconnection even the pattern virtual during printing process.
If humidity is too low while printer temperature is high will lead to ink become volatile, easy to dry and cured ink formed on the surface of the print head,affect the normal work of print head.
If the humidity is too high, the ink may leak around the spray hole, also affect the print head's work, and the printing pattern is not easy to cure.

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