The difference between uv flatbed printer and heat transfer

- Oct 25, 2017-

The printing principle is different
UV printing: prepare the printing pattern well through the computer, and then spray ink onto the materials through UV flatbed printer, cure the ink on the materials with the ultraviolet light irradiation.
Heat transfer: it is according to sublimation principle, the pattern printed on heat-resistant substrates (film), after release, combined with the transfer equipment transferring pattern to the material.
Technical process is different
UV printing: computer drafting (embossing,varnish etc.) - UV printers direct printing (dry at once) finished products. The process is simple, the effect is obvious, and the efficiency is high.
Heat transfer: computer drafting (coating) - making transfer paper, printing the pattern to the substrate (film) - printing at high temperature - finished products, waiting to dry. The imaging time is long, the operation is more complicated than the UV printer.
Application industry is different
UV printers are mainly used in mobile phone shell, decoration industry, advertising industry, metal industry, etc., and its advantage is that as long as the material is flatbed,it can printed by UV flatbed printer, the effect is excellent,quality is high .
Heat transfer printing is mainly used in toys, electrical appliances, gifts, food packaging, clothing and other industries; its advantage is that it can print on curved surface or irregular surface.

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