how to exhaust air in the printheads in an UV printer

- Nov 21, 2017-

   There is air in the printhead just installed,thus it can not print normally at once,it can print normal and tidy lines only after exhausting all internal air.

   At first,using intermittent cleaning(clean twice every time,and then clean twice again 30 minutes later) excessive cleaning-cleaning many times will cause accumulating ink in the cleaning pump,which not only makes cross colorleaking ink happen,but also wastes ink.

    Secondly,printing many pictures to exhaust air fully.

    Finallyif you have lead a wasted ink tube,we can power off at first,and then use a needle tube coated with rubber to pump the tube until get 3-5ml ink out,nextstart the machine again,clean the printheads automatically with its own cleaning function.this is equivalent of getting air out manuallythe side effect is that it is easy to cause accumulated ink in the cleaning pump.



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