The Advantages of UV Flatbed Printers

- Apr 23, 2018-

Here let us analyze the advantages of printer production from the following aspects:

1. The original digital printing is limited to flexible materials, and the printed flexible activity needs to be changed into impact material.UV flatbed printers are economical to print, and the supporting materials do not need to be specially processed after being printed, which saves a lot of manpower and material resources.

2. Although silk screen printing can be used for printing rigid materials, due to the high cost of platemaking, it is only applicable to medium-to-long-run jobs.With the UV printer, true unprinted printing can be achieved in seconds.The cost of leaflet production is consistent with that of mass production. Users can complete medium and short-run jobs efficiently and economically, adding more business opportunities to users.

UV printer.jpg

3. Complementing the deficiencies of traditional screen printing technology, not only for small print job, but also for the effect of proofing and simulation of images, customers can choose the most suitable technology from a variety of processes.

4. The design and production process is simple, and it can even be operated by a single person to meet the demands of the clients for standing upright transactions.It can not only adapt to small batches of personalized production, but also achieve large-scale batch production.Solved the traditional production methods of high cost, high inventory problems.Personalized production features have expanded the scope of business of printed products and stimulated the demand for production.

The traditional printing industry is undergoing tremendous changes. UV flatbed printers will add luster to the printing industry.

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