Factors that affect the printing effect of flatbed printer

- Apr 21, 2018-

We analyze the factors that affect the printing effect from two major aspects.

A.Printer Self-factor:

1. UV printer nozzle, configuration,head accuracy, hardware directly affects the printing effect.

2. UV printer color software.The machine's software will also directly affect the printer's printing.

B.Other factors:

1. Operation skills

The printer has certain requirements for the operator. Of course, when the machine is purchased, the manufacturer will provide professional training. In the later period, it needs to be skilled and accumulate experience.

 2. Coating treatment

The printed material needs to be equipped with a special coating in order to print the pattern more perfectly on the surface of the material. The treatment of the coating is very important. The first point must be uniform and even after the coating is evenly colored. Followed by the election of the coating, can not be mixed.

 3. UV ink

The use of flatbed printers requires the use of special inks, and manufacturers generally sell them.The quality of the ink will directly affect the printing effect. Different inks are used for different types of machines. It is best to go directly to the manufacturer to purchase ink or use the ink recommended by the manufacturer.

 4. Printed material

The operator's knowledge of the material will also affect the printing effect.The ink itself reacts with the material, and different materials penetrate different degrees, which in turn affects the final result of the printing.

 5. Picture itself

When the UV flatbed printer has no problem at all, the factor that is considered is the factor of the printed picture itself.If the number of images in the picture itself is normal, then the printing effect will certainly not be good. Even if the picture is refined, it will not be possible to achieve a higher quality print.

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