Daily use and maintenance of 3D printers

- May 24, 2018-

Tools / raw materials

Alcohol, cotton, water, special tools for cleaning the head of the print head


1, machine cleaning

The cleaning of 3D prints mainly includes machine chassis cleaning and drive system cleaning:

1.1 Chassis cleaning refers to the cleaning of foreign objects at the chassis fan and the cleaning of foreign objects, waste, and dust under the printing platform inside the chassis.

1.2 The cleanliness of the drive system mainly includes the following points:

1) On the printing platform, we regularly clean the residual glue and waste on our glass plates. It is recommended that the glass plates be washed and rinsed with clean water.

2) The xy axis light bar is clean, and the xy axis light bar is wiped with an alcohol swab about 7 days to prevent the print from failing due to dirt.

 3) Periodic inspection of the xy-axle belt. Improper belt tension may affect print quality. In particular, the y-axis belt, if the two sides are inconsistent, will cause the print head to not move in the y-axis direction as instructed.

2,1.3 nozzle cleaning

1) The surface of the nozzle is clean---The residual material on the surface of the nozzle is cleaned with a tool under heating state to avoid affecting the quality when printing.

2) Clean up the remnants ---- Extrude the last remnants before printing.

3D printer.jpg


When cleaning the residue from the nozzle of the 3D printer, it needs to be cleaned with a tool to avoid affecting the print quality.

The nozzle temperature after heating is very high. It must be prevented when cleaning.

The next time you print money, you must squeeze out the remnants that were left in the nozzle last time to avoid affecting the print quality.

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