Some suggestions on how to buy a UV flatbed printer

- Aug 22, 2017-

1.Sell directly by factory direct or factory cooperated agent, after-sale can be guaranteed: We purchase UV printer is aimed at putting into production , therefore, can not only take into account the product of an economic utility or aesthetics just like to buy appliances, there is a more important factor is the maturity of technology. As a UV printer manufacturers , should have their own technology research and development team and a complete set of factory after-sales service process at least.


2. The quality of UV printer, that is the stability of the operation: the stability of the UV printer is a key factor in the procurement of machines. When each user purchases the UV printer, the manufacturer will consciously propose proofing or printing samples for the customer site, this not only solve whether the machine is suitable for color printing users' product, but also is a good opportunity for customers to test the stability of the machine.

3. UV printer's life: UV printer’s life is determined by the machine's control system and body structure. As the domestic flatbed printers are modified by Epson , so when purchasing, the user can compare of the difference between each model at first, and then choose their own UV flatbed printer that suits them best.


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