The maintenance method of UV flatbed printer in summer

- Aug 21, 2017-

The summer is coming, which is the hottest season in the year, accompanied by high temperature and humid climate. How does the UV flatbed printer be maintained in such an environment, unlike the maintenance method of the winter. In summer, there need more maintenance operations.



Maintenance method one:

Controlling Indoor temperature. Placed in a cool, backlit corner, to avoid high temperature and direct sunlight to the device, you can use high-power exhaust fan or water-cooled fan cooling. Suitable indoor temperature is 20 ~ 30 , humidity is 40% ~ 60%.



Maintenance method two:

Turn off the power of equipment and moisturizing. Equipment does not work for a long time, you can choose to turn off the power of equipment and moisturizing, Move the print head to the place where the moisturizer stack is. Do not let the machine in standby mode, so that the temperature will rise, is not conducive to maintain the equipment.


Maintenance method three:

After turning on the equipment, firstly printing the test strip, checking the status of the print head, whether blocked. The temperature of summer is too high, UV ink is easy to dry, if the test strip appears short-term, drawing phenomenon, need to clean the print head.


Maintenance method four:

In weeks, clean the inside and the outside of the equipment .In the nose, rails, grating and other key positions, to keep clean is particularly important, to avoid accumulate the dust and other particles.

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