The reason of fading printed by the glass printer

- Aug 26, 2017-

1. Reasons in printer coating : different coating for the material is not the same. For example, the use of glass coating print on the glass will not fade, if put on the metal, it will fade. If it is bought causally do not match the material, this is unable to improve the ink adhesion.


2.Reasons in printer ink : If you use ink strictly in accordance with the specified ink, then, there will be no problem in the post-processing coatings, varnish and other links . Of course, the private replacement of ink will lead to coating adhesion decreased , serious lead to ink system blockage. This is because the pigment of the ink on the surface is the same, print out the color is the same, but it involves the ink curing, harmonic agent and other components of the composition is not the same.


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