Solution to the failure of small parts of UV flatbed printer

- Feb 17, 2021-

  Small accessories can usually solve it by themselves,if you can't solve it,replace it.This article talks about the solutions to some common small accessories failure.

  One,the solution to the failure of the small parts of the UV flatbed printer

  1.The button switch of the uv flatbed printer is damaged

  A.The LED button switch is damaged,the solution:replace with a new LED button switch;

  B.The suction button switch is damaged,and the solution:replace it with a new suction button switch;

  C.The nozzle button switch is damaged,the solution:replace the nozzle button switch with a new one;

  These small parts are available in daily hardware stores.The price is only a few cents.If there is a problem,you can replace it yourself.

  2,the uv flatbed printer water pipe is broken

  A.Long-term wear and tear,solution:plastic water pipes will inevitably wear out after long-term use,just replace them with new ones;

  B.Freeze cracking,the temperature is too cold,and the water pipe will be frozen and cracked when placed on the ground.Solution:Replace with new water pipes,install air conditioning in the workshop,and provide heating;

  C.Puncture injury,solution:inadvertently being pierced by sharp objects in daily life causes the water pipe to rupture,just replace the new water pipe;

  Water pipes are used in daily home decoration hardware stores.The price is a few yuan per meter.If they break,they can be replaced by themselves.

  Two,UV flatbed printer manufacturer Dacen summary

  Generally,some small accessories can be purchased by themselves,provided that they are matched,they can also be purchased from UV printer manufacturers.Generally,the warranty period is free of charge.

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