Introduction of UV Flatbed Printer Printhead

- Nov 16, 2020-

UV flatbed printer non-industrial nozzle

  Non-industrial printhead are mainly based on Epson series, such as Epson 5th generation and so on. Non-industrial printhead are a bit worse than industrial printhead in terms of corrosion resistance due to the non-all-steel structure, which also leads to a reduced service life.

UV flatbed printer printhead life:

The premise of the service life of the printhead is that it is within a reasonable range and time of normal use, and then the printhead should be maintained and maintained according to the recommendations of the uv printer manufacturer. The service life data obtained under the correct operation, the general service life of the industrial printhead 3-5 years, non-industrial printhead are relatively inferior, about 1-2 years.

Generally, the mainstream printhead used in the market are Epson printhead, Ricoh printhead, Toshiba printhead, etc. Of course, different types of printhead are different in structure. For example, on the contrary, of course, the common domestic cheap printhead that are abundant in the market here are not in this article. The scope of discussion, after all, those few hundred dollars of cheap uv printer printhead, not to mention the workmanship, the service life is very short, it is easy to block the printhead, although they are cheap, but frequent replacements, time is the cost, and it takes a lot of time to replace the printhead.Do you still use production? The above is the knowledge article: all the content of the introduction of UV flatbed printer printhead, hope to help you.

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