How long can UV flatbed printers generally pay back?

- Dec 04, 2020-

1. UV printers are used in the advertising industry

Nearly 30% of current customers who buy uv printers are in the advertising industry, such as signage, acrylic, metal, PVC, cultural wall, advertising processing, etc.

Analysis of the equipment required by the advertising industry:

1) UV printer: invest 100,000 to 200,000 yuan, simply engage in processing, processing with supplied materials, how much is one square meter, depending on the region, the industry charging standard is 50-120 yuan/square, and the printing cost is 6-12 yuan /Square, this kind of quantity is okay, but it's more cumbersome. The products you come into contact with are all kinds of products, but this kind of quantity basically pays back in 6 months. For example, last year's teaching top, it has 10 per month. -For the quantity of 1 million, there is an order of 500,000 yuan in half a year.

2) uv printer + engraving machine (with cutting): investment of 200,000 to 300,000 yuan, advertising types, such as cultural walls, PVC advertising, acrylic metal signs, etc., own materials, some advertising companies are suitable, others will place an order for you, Then do it, the charging standard is between 80-150 yuan, depending on the quantity, you can also package the installation, plus some labor costs 150-200 yuan, in general, you can earn 500,000-1 million a year, basically within 3-6 months Pay back.

3) uv printer + engraving machine (including cutting) + coil inkjet printer (uv coil + photo inkjet): investment of 300 to 2 million, advertising flat type, soft film type, advertising inkjet type, large advertising category, etc., basic The above covers all businesses in the advertising industry. The charging standard is divided into uv soft film + flat uv + photo category. This category belongs to large advertising companies. The annual sales volume is between 1-10 million. As for the return, it will definitely only need 3-6 Within months.

  2, UV flatbed printers are used in the home improvement industry

  Uv printers have always been the new darling of the home improvement industry. From the emergence of uv printers, the home improvement industry has been smooth! So many people began to buy uv printers to engage in the home improvement industry. The home improvement industry is divided into home decoration paintings, TV background walls, integrated wall panels, porches, etc.

  Analysis of equipment needed in the home improvement industry:

1) uv printer: it can only print plane effect or 3D relief effect only, the investment cost is low 100,000-200,000, basically according to the current market conditions, the cost of a square background wall is 60-80 yuan/square, and the price is 180 -300 yuan/square, if you calculate it according to this, you will basically pay back within 8-12 months.

2) uv printer + engraving machine + sandblasting machine: do some carved ceramic tile background walls, 3D reliefs, plane paintings, etc. The investment cost is between 200,000 and 300,000, and the current cost of carved ceramic tiles is 60-90 Yuan/square, the price is 200-400 yuan/square, if you calculate by this, basically, you can pay back within 8-12 months

3) UV printer + high temperature laminating furnace + edging machine: do some microcrystalline composite technology background wall, the investment cost is 200,000-300,000 yuan, the cost per square meter is 80 yuan, and the price is 200-300 yuan/square calculation, basically Pay back within 8-15 months

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