Advantages of Konica UV Flatbed Printer

- Oct 29, 2020-

Advantages of Konica UV Flatbed Printer

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  Many customers will specify the use of Konica UV printer. In this article, Dacen will talk about the advantages of Konica UV flatbed printers.

   One, the advantages of Konica UV flatbed printer


  1. The Konica 1024 print head has increased the grayscale level, which can reproduce rich tones and subtle gradation, making the print head more attractive to existing and research and development new flatbed printer uv applications. The Konica 1024 print head is equipped with a new control IC, which enables the print head to print ink droplets of 8 sizes, which has a good control over the image to be printed, and can reproduce smooth color gradation and matching tones.

  2. The Konica 1024 printhead is a high-precision technology multi-nozzle printhead produced by a Japanese manufacturer, which achieves the high density required for 72mm wide printing, making it more suitable for printing systems that require high productivity. The Konica 1024 print head uses a new, piezoelectric actuator. Its driving voltage is much lower than other print heads, which further reduces energy consumption and becomes an ideal choice for "green" design.

  3. As soon as the Konica 1024 print head appeared, it stood out among the various series of Konica nozzles and became the leader in the current uv printer nozzle industry. The thin, space-saving print head shape of the Konica 1024 print head improves the print quality and makes the machine design more compact. The print head can be installed compactly to minimize alignment errors in transportation or traverse systems, and the print registration is improved, so high-quality printing can always be completed. Since multiple print heads can be installed in a small space, the length of the printing channel is generally greatly shortened, and the total volume of the UV printer is reduced.

   2. Summary of UV printer manufacturer Dacen

   The above is the entire content of "the advantages of Konica UV flatbed printer", I hope to help you. The UV printer of Konica print head is relatively more expensive, and the specific price is subject to the business quotation.

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