Introduction of small UV flatbed printer DG-6090

- Aug 05, 2020-

 Introduction of small UV flatbed printer DG-6090

    Small flatbed printers are favored by customers because of their small footprint, high printing accuracy and relatively low price.

  Dacen UV printer DG6090 machine, effective printing format 600mmX900mm, using Toshiba CE4M print head

Relatively speaking, the speed is not as fast as a large-size UV printer, but this small UV printer has high precision and stability, vivid colors, and can achieve 3D renderings and relief renderings. The printing effect is excellent, and it takes up less space and has low weight. It is easy to move, relatively low in price, small in investment, and fast in cost recovery cycle. It is an ideal model for initial startups and small-scale production enterprises.

   Small UV printers are very popular in foreign countries, especially in places such as India, and are generally used as mobile phone cases, handicrafts, etc.

   2. Summary of Dacen UV printer, a professional UV flatbed printer manufacturer

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