What improper operation will damage the UV printer printhead?

- Aug 05, 2020-

What improper operation will damage the UV printer printhead?

   The print head is a very important part of the printer, and the price is relatively more expensive. It is very important to maintain and maintain the printhead.

   1. Do not frequently use an ultrasonic cleaner to clean the head. If the nozzle is not blocked, there is no need to use ultrasonic cleaning. Ultrasonic vibration can cause damage to the printhead.

  2. Don't change different inks randomly, or use unqualified inks or cleaning solution. The mixing of the two different inks will change the color and nature of the  ink. The unqualified  ink will harm the actual effect of printing and block the nozzle. The unqualified cleaning solution will erode the nozzle.

   3. When flushing the nozzle, the pressure should not be too high. Excessive pressure can damage the membrane structure on the nozzle surface, causing irreparable damage.



   4. Do not keep the cleaning fluid in the nozzle for too long. Long-term soaking in cleaning fluid may corrode the nozzle.

   5. The unstable voltage of the machine will cause damage to the machine and the nozzle.

    6. Pay attention to the printing height, and place the printing material against the print head, causing irreparable damage.

   9. Do not spill liquid on the nozzle of uv flatbed printer during daily operation.

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