How to maintain and maintain the UV-LED lamp of UV flatbed printer?

- Feb 17, 2021-

  How to maintain and maintain the UV-LED lamp of UV flatbed printer?The UV-LED lamp has a curing effect on the sprayed ink.In this article,the Dacen editor will talk about how to maintain and maintain the UV-LED lamp of the flatbed printer?

  1.UV-LED lamp treatment,maintenance and guarantee of UV flatbed printer

  All LED tubes of UV flatbed printers must undergo careful cleaning steps before packaging and transportation.It can be used when the package is opened.If you touch the lamp directly with both hands,use deionized water or industrial alcohol to slightly soak the paper towel,wipe the lamp carefully,and then dry the lamp again with a dry paper towel.According to needs,the lamp tube and reflector need to be cleaned regularly.Especially when there are other attachments on the surface of the lamp tube,it should be cleaned.If it cannot be processed in time,it will cause the lamp tube to lose its transparency prematurely and affect its working effect.

  2.Inspection of curing system

  UV flatbed printer uses an energy meter to measure the output energy of LED lights.Use UV,IMAP waveform display to draw a UV map,and check the curing system based on the UV map;if the drawn energy map is sharp,it means that there is no problem with the curing system;if the top is a round tip,it means that the emission cover is dusty;if the top is round,It means the lamp is aging.

  3.Maintenance and maintenance of UV-LED lamps

  The power of the LED tube of the UV flatbed printer needs to be met(usually 80-120W/cm);the service life of the LED lamp cannot exceed 1100h,generally used for 1000h;the LED lamp is replaced once every 500h,and the maintenance period requires two LED lamps.Alternate use during use.One lamp is used for 500h,and the other lamp is used between 500-1000h;the lamp is cleaned and rotated counterclockwise for 1/4 week before use.

  UV Flatbed Printer Manufacturer Dacen Summary

  Every part of the UV printer plays an important role in the equipment.As a very important part of the equipment,the UV-LED lamp will be a huge expense if it is not well maintained.We have to maintain and maintain it well when we work.The above content hopes to help you.Dacen is a flatbed printer,flatbed UV printer,printer manufacturer,welcome to consult.

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