UV flatbed printer printing steps

- Jan 08, 2021-

  Some customers are asking,how to operate the UV flatbed printer,is it difficult?In fact,the printing operation of UV printer is not difficult at all.Moreover,when selling the printer,Dacen will send someone to teach one-on-one,including teaching and meeting.In this article,Dacen editor will explain the steps in words.In general,it is Typesetting→Positioning→Turn on the device→Print start→Finished product effect.If you are not satisfied,you can spray again,the steps are the same.

  One,UV flatbed printer printing steps

  1.We open ps software,such as Photoshop,etc.Then drag the picture we need to print to PS(so the operator still needs to understand PS a little).

  2.Print the outline of the product on the UV flatbed printer

  3.Then we put the product we need to print on the machine,and then turn on the adsorption platform of the UV printer.

  4.Then use the computer to start printing.

  5.Basically wait for the printing to complete.

  Two,UV printer manufacturer Dacen summary

  The whole printing process of UV printer is very simple,new and old customers can print,because the craft is very small,it can reduce personnel expenses,and the production is very convenient.Printing can replace traditional printing without plate making.The above is the entire content of"UV Flatbed Printer Printing Steps",I hope to help you.

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