How to distinguish the quality of the cylinder printer ink?

- Mar 05, 2021-

  The nozzles are different,and the technical parameters of the ink are not the same,so it is important to choose the appropriate technical parameters to purchase the cylinder UV printer ink that suits you.Generally speaking,you can buy directly from the cylinder printer manufacturer,if you want to buy from other places,you must pay attention.

  One.How to distinguish the quality of cylinder printer ink?

  1.Cylinder printer distinguishes taste and ink

  When buying the ink,we have to"taste"to evaluate the odor of UV ink.There are two indicators.One is the odor during the construction process.The main source is the residual solvent in the UV ink.Under normal circumstances,the amount of residual solvent is 2%Or less,under special circumstances,such as cigarette pack UV ink requires less than 0.5%,but many suppliers add a lot of solvents,such as alcohol and toluene,etc.,to reduce the cost of UV ink,the high can reach 25%,so that UV ink The long-term development and environmental protection are unfavorable.

  2.When purchasing UV inks for cylindrical printers,check the color:

  The UV ink of the cylindrical UV printer is sensitive to ultraviolet light.If the UV ink after construction continues to be exposed to ultraviolet light(such as sunlight and fluorescent lamps),the UV ink will continue to react and turn yellow,which is the inherent defect of UV ink.For conventional UV inks,there is no fundamental improvement for the time being,but the degree of yellowing of UV inks from different suppliers is different,unless specific non-yellowing or ultra-white UV inks are used.The main reason for the discoloration of the ink after the UV ink is glazing is the problem of the ink.

  Two.Summary of the cylinder printer manufacturer Dacen

  Cylinder UV printer ink cannot be used casually,you can check with the cylinder UV printer manufacturer what kind of ink to use.Otherwise,inferior ink will block the nozzle of the cylindrical printer,affecting the service life and printing effect.

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