How does UV flatbed printer make money?

- Jan 16, 2021-

   Many customers buy UV printers to print their own products, and some are used to print products for others to start a business. In this article, Dacen editor will talk about how UV flatbed printers make money?

   One. How can UV flatbed printers make profits?

   1. Large area UV printing process generally calculate the price according to the square (such as metal etching ceramic tile background wall)

   2. For products with a smaller area, I calculate the price according to the quantity (for example, mobile phone case gift packaging wine bottle)

   3. Products that need to be customized need to be negotiated to calculate the price (such as handicrafts, lighters, signs, etc.).

   Two, UV printer manufacturer Dacen summary

   When buying a UV flatbed printer, I will definitely consider the issue of corporate profits. The above is the entire content of "How can UV flatbed printers make profits?" I hope to help you, such as UV printers, flatbed printers, UV flatbed printers, mobile phone case printers, tile printers , Gift box printer, handicraft printer needs, welcome to inquire Dacen.

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