How to print high drop products with UV flatbed printer

- Jan 16, 2021-

  How do UV flatbed printers print high-drop products?Some customers'products are not flat and want to print good-looking pictures.At this time,the printer will have requirements.This article Dacen editor will talk about how UV flatbed printers print high-drop product.

  One.How to print products with high drop on UV flatbed printer

  1.We need to master the characteristics of UV printer printing and see how it prints a high-drop material with high precision?

  2.UV printers have released high-drop precision copying technology in the first two years.With the new G6 nozzle,combined with good technology,the product developed the G5 series of products.Dacen introduced high-drop printing technology,which can be based on the company's requirements.The role of chemical formulation has solved the problem of high fluctuations,with fluctuations of up to 25mm.

  3.Ricoh G6 nozzle

  Wear resistance,3-5PL variability point piezoresistive industrial production-grade nozzle,low pipe joint rate,high precision ink dipping,longer service life,faster variability point nozzle speed;both speed and precision,and convenient Installation and calibration.

  4.Automatic measurement

  When the measuring camera touches the printing material,the ink cart automatically adjusts the appropriate printing aspect ratio.

  Two,UV printer manufacturer Dacen summary

  The above is the whole content of"How to print products with high drop on UV flatbed printer",I hope to help you.

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