How to repair UV flatbed printer to save money?

- Jan 15, 2021-

   After the warranty period, when the UV printer has a problem, it will involve maintenance. This article will talk about how to repair the UV flatbed printer to save money?

   One. How to repair the UV flatbed printer to save money?

   1. It is more economical to replace in advance than repair.

Many parts of UV flatbed printers have a fixed service life, similar to ink tubes, which need to be replaced in 6-8 months, and the price is very cheap, more than 100 yuan. You don’t have to wait for 10 months or replace the ink supply failure. On the one hand, too long time will reduce the effect of printing, on the other hand, failure will also delay production. There are also some small ink cartridges, limit switches, etc., which are directly replaced in 8 or 12 months. Prevention is cheaper than repairing.

  2. Repairing by yourself saves money than sending technicians from UV printer manufacturers.

   Unless there is a problem that cannot be solved by itself, it can be solved by telephone, remote video, tutorials, etc. Do not let the UV printer manufacturer technicians visit (although the warranty provides free on-site visits). Of course, unless the distance is very close. This mainly considers a time cost. The equipment does not work and cannot produce benefits. However, rent, personnel wages, and operating expenses are continuous expenses. The longer the delay, the greater the loss. Don't hold the heart of free door-to-door anyway, don't use it for nothing.

  3. Small parts are cheaper locally or online than manufacturers.

Put aside some large or customized parts, common switches, buttons, screws, pipes, etc., can be bought in local hardware stores or online, and the price is not expensive, a few to dozens of dollars, don’t have to The one purchased from the original manufacturer will take a long time to send back and forth, and the other will be slightly more expensive. In case of failure of the UV flatbed printer caused by these, the maintenance is more economical.

  Second, UV flatbed printer manufacturer Dacen summary

   This article is about "How to repair UV flatbed printers to save money?" I hope to help you. If you don't understand, you can directly contact Dacen after-sales service.

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