Several features of glass inkjet printer

- May 26, 2018-

When it comes to glass inkjet printers, I believe many people will not feel strange, because in many occasions, they need to use it. Therefore, in order to make everyone use it better, the next run of color digital Xiaobian came to discuss the performance of the glass inkjet printer.

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In general, there are many ways to measure adhesion. If the quality of the printed product is high, you can also test whether the printed product is immersed in water or whether the painted surface will fall off.

2. Leveling

Leveling property is a common performance indicator in a coating, generally refers to the coating being painted or sprayed on the surface of the object, and the brush marks and spray mist particles that appear in the printing can automatically become smooth. What we must know is that the poor leveling glass coating machine coating will affect the decorative effect of printed products.

3 film transparency

The requirements of the appearance of the prints of glass inkjet printers are generally high. There are some epoxy resin-based two-component coatings on the market today that have a yellowing effect, which can affect the decorative effect.

4. Weather resistance

For glass inkjet printers, especially when used outdoors, signs, billboards, and printed matter must be bright and shiny for a long time. Specifically, this requires that the inkjet of the glass inkjet printer needs to be UV-resistant.

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