Solutions to the UV flatbed printer print head that can’t flash

- Oct 29, 2020-

Technical article: Solutions to the UV flatbed printer print head that can’t flash

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   In order to avoid clogging of the UV printer print head, the nozzles of general UV printer manufacturers will have their own flash printing function. However, some people find that the UV flatbed printer can not flash spray during the use process. How to solve this problem?


  1, the solution to the UV flatbed printer print head can not flash

   In fact, this problem is easy to solve. The problem of inability to flash spray is mainly due to the problem of the optical transmission line. We all know that the optical fiber is a very easy to damage item, it is easy to break, can not bend. Therefore, we must be very careful when using, replacing, and unplugging. If the printer nozzle cannot flash, the first thing we have to consider is to plug and unplug the optical fiber first to check whether the signal is normal, and whether the flash can be printed? If it can, continue to use it; if it doesn't, you can only replace a new optical fiber transmission line. Under normal circumstances, the flash spray can be achieved after replacement. If it still does not work, you need to call the manufacturer's after-sales phone to seek technical support.

   2. The function of UV printer print head flash

   The function of the flash jet of the UV printer print head is mainly to reduce the clogging of the print head. In order to prevent the ink from clogging the print head, the print head will spray some ink at regular intervals to keep the print head clean. This is flash jet. We know that the nozzle is afraid of drying, so the print head should be kept moist when the machine is not working. There is solvent in the ink of flatbed uv printer. The solvent evaporates at the print head of the print head and the ink solidifies at the print head hole, which will block the nozzle. Flash jet is to eject ink quickly in this case to wash away the solidification and keep the print head moist.


  3. Summary of UV printer manufacturer Dacen

   The above is the entire content of "Technology: UV Flatbed Printer print head Cannot Flash Print". I hope to help you. In short, if you don't understand, you can directly contact the UV printer manufacturer's after-sales service.

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