Why Use The Ink Recommended By The Cylinder Printer Manufacturer?

- Mar 02, 2021-

  Why use the ink recommended by the cylinder printer manufacturer?Since ink is a consumable material,basically when using a cylindrical UV printer,the ink is used more.Many customers may buy the ink casually for cheap or convenient,which may cause the nozzles to be clogged or even damaged.Happening.

  One.Why use the ink recommended by the cylinder printer manufacturer?

  1.The pH value of the ink supplied by the manufacturer is stable,which is the result of many tests.Stable ink ph value can ensure normal printing of ink printing,and the printed patterns will not fall off or be smeared.

cylinder printer

  2.The ink fixing of the cylinder printer can withstand the post-processing and use,and will not cause the phenomenon of discoloration and paste.

  3.The important thing is that the matching ink can extend the life of the print head.Because the matching ink has been repeatedly tested for a long time,the ink developed has reduced the harmful substances to the nozzle to light,and will no longer affect the nozzle.Moreover,it is not easy to block the nozzles with the matching ink.Reduce maintenance to increase the life of the nozzle.

  Two.Why can't the ink be changed easily?

  1.The incompatibility of ink can easily cause blockage of the nozzle,serious scrapping,and direct loss of tens of thousands of yuan.

  2.The ink circuit system of the cylinder printer has collapsed,and the ink can no longer be printed.It takes a lot of time and energy to replace the entire system.

  3.A series of problems such as equipment failure and scrapping caused by the user's private replacement of ink are not covered by the terms of after-sales service,and the manufacturer is usually not responsible for repairs.

  4.Cylinder printer ink determines the effect and quality of this printing,it also determines our competitiveness and reduces our costs,so please do not change the ink at will.

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