What Should I Do If The Cylinder Printer Prints Out Of Position?

- Mar 03, 2021-

  In the process of using a cylindrical UV printer, you may encounter a situation where the cylindrical printer prints out of position, which is divided into picture misalignment and varnish misalignment. What should I do at this time?

   One. What should I do if the cylinder printer prints out of position?

   1. Check whether the main board of the cylinder printer is damaged or not. If it is found to be damaged after inspection, please contact Dacen technicians to replace the main board.

   2. The trolley board is faulty or the trolley cable is not plugged in properly.

   3. Check the raster decoder of the flatbed printer. In the case of damage to the raster decoder, the carriage may not accurately read the printing position, causing the carriage to move left and right.

   4. In the process of using the cylindrical UV printer, a car crash due to operating errors can also cause this to happen.

   Two. Summary of the cylindrical UV printer manufacturer Dacen

   After the cylinder printer is turned on, when the car is running around at high speed on the left and right sides, you can solve it by the above methods. If it can't be solved, please contact Dacen after-sales service.

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