Why Do UV Flatbed Printer Manufacturers Generally Recommend Customers To Make Samples?

- Feb 17, 2021-

  Customers usually make proofs before purchasing flatbed printers.Even if customers do not require proofing,as a flatbed printer manufacturer,we will recommend customers to make proofs.Why?In this article,the Dacen editor will talk about the reasons for this.

  One.Why do UV flatbed printer manufacturers generally recommend customers to make samples?

  1.UV flatbed printer pre-printing proofing can help customers check whether the text,image,color and page settings contained in the printed pattern are correct,so that they can be modified in time.In particular,the color of the pattern is more difficult to control in printing,because different printing materials,inks and dot increase rate will cause the color of the printed pattern to change.Therefore,you can conduct a proof test before mass printing to see if the color of the sample is the same as the design color,and make timely changes before mass printing.

  2.There is no need for plate making,printing,and repeated color printing when printing with UV printers,and no matter it is a simple block color pattern,a full-color pattern or a color changing pattern,it can be printed at one time,and the image of the drama is fast.The finished product is printed.Therefore,UV printers need to do pre-press testing and proofing before mass printing.

UV printer

  3.UV flatbed printer pre-press proofing is the linking process between pre-press production and the official start of printing.It allows customers to meet the final printing effect before printing,so as to make changes,so as to avoid any dissatisfaction after printing is completed.Changes are time-consuming and laborious.

  4.Pre-press proofing for flat UV printers is an important basis for printing quality control,and it is also a tool for communicating with customers Haitong.Customers can print out the samples first,discuss the effects,and modify them.After completion,mass production will be carried out.Pre-press proofing can reduce disputes between printers and customers due to unsatisfactory printing effects,saving time and effort.

  5.The flatbed UV printer can be used as a contract sample between the printer manufacturer and the customer.The printing effect must be kept at the same number as the contract samples,and the contract samples should be printed out shortly before the mass printing work,so as to avoid fading and distortion of the samples due to the long screen during placement.

  Two,UV flatbed printer manufacturer Dacen summary

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