How To Use Eco-solvent Ink For UV Flatbed Printer?

- Feb 27, 2021-

  How to use eco-solvent ink for UV flatbed printer?When UV printers use eco-solvent inks to print,the medium is first swelled and then fused during the process of combining the ink with the medium to tightly combine the colorants and materials in the ink.Therefore,eco-solvent inks do not require the medium to be coated.The high-precision Epson nozzle type UV printer uses eco-solvent ink to produce high-precision pictures and UV-resistant.This type of UV flatbed printer is generally used for outdoor products.

  One.How to use eco-solvent ink for UV flatbed printer?

  1.UV printers can reduce some links when using eco-solvent ink,directly use the refillable cartridge,if the printing effect is good,continue to use;if there is a problem,stop immediately,take out the refillable ink cartridge of eco-solvent ink,manually clean the nozzle,and then Replace the original continuous supply and ink.

  2.Since the main component of eco-solvent ink is organic solvent,it is more corrosive and chemically reactive than common ink,which will corrode the nozzle and reduce the service life of the nozzle.Therefore,new UV printers use eco-solvent inks as little as possible.If a long-used UV printer needs to use eco-solvent inks,check the nozzles thoroughly before use to see if all nozzles are unblocked.

  3.Due to some characteristics of the eco-solvent ink,if the UV printer uses eco-solvent ink,it must be particularly careful when choosing continuous supply.If the selected continuous supply is not suitable,ink leakage of ink cartridges,nozzle clogging,and print disconnection may occur.When using eco-solvent ink,fill the ink cartridge is also selected,it is necessary to observe whether it is suitable for filling eco-solvent ink.

  4.Although eco-solvent inks have made many improvements over solvent inks,eco-solvent inks are always solvent-based inks,so some characteristics of solvent-based inks still exist.For example,the ink is fast-drying,and the main component is still organic solvent.In view of the fast-drying characteristics of eco-solvent inks,which type of printer is more important.Since UV printers using piezoelectric nozzles are not so picky on ink requirements,many UV printer users on the market are using eco-solvent inks.

  Two,UV flatbed printer manufacturer Dacen summary

  The above is"How to use eco-solvent ink for UV flatbed printer?",I hope to help you.

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