Which Leather UV Printer Is Better?

- Feb 26, 2021-

  Which leather UV printer is better?Many leather manufacturers need customized patterns,but they have not been able to find a suitable UV printer manufacturer.Many leathers have poor adhesion after printing and coloring.Dacen has carefully researched and developed the leather and it is not easy to fade after printing.Any multi-color pattern is The printing is successful at one time,the process is simple,no plate making,color registration and complicated exposure procedures are required,and the material will not be damaged.It is a technological innovation of leather printing.The printed patterns are colorful,and they are waterproof,sun-proof and wear-resistant.Advantages such as loss and non-fading.

UV printer

  One.Leather UV Printer Introduction

  1.Using UV ink to color printing leather,the cured ink is extremely stable,has high color fastness,is resistant to color printing pattern scratches,abrasion resistance,and can realize long-term use of leather patterns without discoloration and peeling.

  2.The application of UV flatbed printers in the leather industry is also called leather printers.Unlike traditional printers,Dacen color printing UV flatbed printers belong to inkjet printing.The nozzles will not come into contact with objects during the printing process,so there will be no traditional Due to heat and pressure deformation and other phenomena during printing,the gradation and transition colors printed on the leather are just right,and complicated intermediate processes are also eliminated.

  3.The UV printer color printing leather with variable ink drop technology can realize the high precision reduction of color printing patterns and the fine effect of pattern conversion,support the relief effect,and realize the tactile and visual differences of different color printing areas.

  Two.leather printer manufacturer Dacen summary

  Which leather UV printer is better?Dacen is good,if you have any needs,you can contact the sales staff directly.

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