What Are The Advantages Of UV Printer Printing Acrylic?

- Mar 01, 2021-

  What are the advantages of UV printer printing acrylic?Acrylic is still very common to use functional UV printers.This article will talk about the advantages.

  One.What are the advantages of UV printer printing acrylic?

  1.Acrylic UV inks can meet multi-purpose industrial production.

  2.The UV printer is suitable for any material and has a wide range of compatibility.

  3.Equipped with self-developed color management software

  4.Step-by-step completion,print and pick up immediately,to meet the needs of quick samples and finished products.

  5.The unit price starts from printing and large quantities can be matched with template printing,which saves time and effort.

  6.Full-color image,completed in one time,progressive color to achieve photo quality effect,accurate positioning,and zero scrap rate.

  7.It only takes 30 minutes to master and make it well without professional skills.

  8.Computer operation,no personnel dependence,large upgrade space.

  9.Flatbed printers do not need plate making,printing is fast and low in cost,and can be used with various output software and support various file formats.

  Two.UV printer manufacturer Dacen summary

  Acrylic has a wide range of uses,so many acrylic manufacturers will need to buy UV printers.The above is the content of"What are the advantages of UV printer printing acrylic?",I hope to help you.

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